If your order arrives damaged, incomplete, defective, doesn’t match the listing description, or, is the wrong product, you can return it for a refund for all types of products by contacting our WOW customer care, returns due to Change of Mind” will not be accepted.

The return request must be raised within 14 days (about 2 weeks) of the delivery period for WOW Mall products and the mode of returns will be based on your delivery mode (E.g., Delivery or Store Pickup). If your order is a direct Pickup from the store, it is mandatory to check the product status before buying, as Pickup Order returns will be directly handled by the respective Merchant.  

For returns on delivered goods, ensure a tracking number is added to your return request to avoid delays or issues in the refund process. The quality of the item returned to the Merchant is crucial therefore cautious packaging is essential. The returned item’s value may be deducted from your refund to cover the loss, or your return request can be rejected if the returned goods are worn, washed, damaged, missing parts, or damaged during return transit because of improper packaging.   

NOTE: Please keep in mind that we do not accept returns on any used items. If products are dead on arrival, you can raise a return request directly with WOW through customer care (I.e., does not switch on completely). If products (Phones/electronic devices) have already been activated, please contact the seller or brand warranty provider directly for the manufacturer’s warranty information. 

Valid Reason for Returns: 

  1. The delivered item is flawed or damaged, as in physically damaged or broken (e.g., unable to switch on) 
  2. The delivered item is not in a complete state (e.g., it’s missing certain components or attachments). 
  3. The item sent is inaccurate (e.g., the wrong model, size, color, fake, or outdated). 
  4. The product that was delivered did not match the product’s description or picture (e.g., the product was not advertised). 
  5. Delivered Product does not fit (e.g., size is inappropriate). 


If your refund request is accepted, you will be reimbursed the purchase price plus the delivery fee. 

The refund process time will depend on the payment method adopted during the original purchase. The method you chose for a refund will decide how long it takes to release the funds (Refer to the table below)

Payment MethodOptionRefund Time
Debit/ Credit Card outright paymentsDebit/ Credit Card Payment Reversal3-5 Working Days
Equated Monthly Installments (EMI)Debit/ Credit Card10 Working Days
eZcashTo eZcash wallet 02 Working Days

Misuse of Returns or Refunds

When a customer or merchant engages in behavior that violates the policy, they may receive warnings, preventing them from making claims or requesting returns or refunds on WOW, lose WOW Refund Guarantee coverage, and have their accounts suspended among other consequences.

Activity that is not allowed includes, 

  1. Submitting further requests through other Customer or Merchant accounts.
  2. Assisting a Merchant in making a false customs declaration about an item’s value.
  3. Requesting a chargeback after being refunded.
  4. Denying a return approved product despite evidence of delivery to the buyer’s address appearing in the order details.
  5. Continuously making a false assertion that something isn’t as described.
  6. Returning something different by the customer or not accepting the returned item by the merchant in the perspective of false accusing on what was originally bought.
  7. Using or misusing something and then returning it within the return period.

How to Return a product

  • The customer is to contact our Customer Care and provide the Order details to create the return request.

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